IS. SO. HARD.

    You should be rewarded.


    For that really emotional person in your life.


    You're another year closer to the grave.


    You did it girl.

    You did it

    Even though you literally thought you couldn't.

    how about nah?

    Nope. No. Sorry.

    Finished Tinder

    For that next lever swiper.


    For that caffeine dependant friend.

    You go girl

    This is a big deal.


    All flix, no chill.

    Gettin' hitched

    Doing your parents proud.


    Look how far you've come.


    They just fans tho.

    Didn't Bail

    Just a little late.

    next level creeper

    For that person who can find anyone online.


    You are one, or you know one.


    When you went to that thing with other people.


    For the person who has the pizzeria on speed dial.

  • - W T F - A r E - T H E y ? -

    Remember when you were in grade 7, and you got 6th place in long jump at track and field and they still gave you a gold foil stamped satin ribbon that said "PARTICIPANT". Remember how good that made you feel? Remember how proud your parents pretended to be when you showed them? So good right?


    Well we believe that feeling of recognition shouldn't be relegated to grade school track meets or swimming lessons. Why? Because real life is hard and people deserve credit for day after day somehow completing life's basic tasks. So buy a ribbon and recognize your friends, your family and your lover(s).

  • - P r o d u c t s -

    Many ways to award someone with our ribbons!

    Single Award Ribbons

    Our Flagship Product

    Our most popular and longest running product. Simply any one of our 55+ adulting ribbons on a 2"x8" packing card. On the back you will find a small area to fill out for the recipient "Awarded to" & "Awarded by". A perfect little something "just because" and a fan favorite item.

    Ribbon Greeting Cards


    We've designed a series of greeting cards so they work interchangeably with many of our ribbon designs. The ribbons are incorporated right on the front of the card and we made sure to leave the inside blank so you have lots of room for passive aggressive well wishes to the recipient.

    Ribbon Bottle Hangers

    Our Exclusive Invention

    We've merged two amazing products - our ribbons and bottle hangers. These hang perfectly on almost any wine/liquor bottle and have an "Awarded to" section on the front and a larger area on the back for a personal message. Pairs well with any of our 55+ ribbon designs.

  • - t h e - R I B B O N - S H O P -

    Browse our 56 different designs!

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  • - R I B B O N - R E V I E W S -


    "The ribbons make great gifts! 10/10 would reccommend buying for friends!"

    - Jessica


    "Got the Society Participant ribbon for a coworker - he loved it :)"

    - MaryLou


    "Just like the pictures in the shop - very, very funny."

    - Runner


    "The perfect way to troll your friends."

    - Ellen


    "My BFF always says NOPE - so I just had to get her the NOPE CHAMPION ribbon - she lost her mind when I gave it to her!"

    - MF


    "These are some of my new favourite items. They're clever and fun and work well to dole out to friends or coworkers who need a pick-me-up."

    - Julie

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